Post Wedding Bliss?? Maybe not so much…

So after the wedding, my grandma Joyce, my last living grandparent was admitted to the hospital. She was there for two weeks before she sadly passed away. I was crushed, she was so excited for her first great grandchild and she also just knew the first would be a girl due to our family history (even though it’s the males job haha). I knew Emma would have the best guardian angel ever.

We went to a follow up appointment where they told us she had Dandy Walker, club foot and would need more testing. We did an MRI, Echo, more ultrasounds, started biweekly appointments and doing NST’s (non stress tests). We met with countless providers in many different specialties to prepare for her delivery. The echo came back great, the MRI showed she only had a partial vermis which would possibly effect her development but we wouldn’t know until she was missing milestones.

This wasn’t a death sentence however, and while she was growing at a slower rate she was still growing. I had extra amniotic fluid but they continued to monitor that and she was still passing the NSTs. They had told us many times that she was just so small for her gestation. We were so anxious for July 5th to come, we just couldn’t wait to meet our baby girl! This was me about 1 week before delivery. Man do I miss that huge bump!

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