6 months in heaven

Ya’ll I cannot believe it has already been 6 months since our sweet Emma was born, then left us. Half a year folks. And while time has flown by, the days without her are so slow and long.

Ryan and I were just sitting here talking about all the things we think she would be doing. Ryan’s comment stood out to me the most. “It’s not fair that our Emmy girl didnt get a chance at life, it’s not fair that we don’t have her here physically with us”. These moments break my heart. I first handedly know how excited Ryan was to bring a baby girl into the world, and how crushed he was when she left us.

I told him though, we gave her the best chance at life she would ever get. We went the extra mile, we saw so many specialist, has multiple test ran, and so many ultrasounds I lost count. We did everything in our power to give her the best start at life she could ever ask for. And unfortunately somethings just don’t go our way.

We showed our Emma so much love even before she was ever here. And sadly there are parents who wouldn’t have done everything we did. They aren’t necessarily wrong in doing that, but it’s not what we would ever choose to do.

Emma Louise Tucker, mommy and daddy miss and love you so much. We hope you can feel our love all the way in heaven. Keep looking out for us and protecting us. Until we meet again.

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