How Do You Do It

I’ve had a lot of people ask me since day one how I do it. How I go on with my daily life after losing Emma. Well I’ve got to say that first and foremost my support system is top notch. And it breaks my heart for those who don’t have one. I couldn’t imagine going through this alone. I’ve had close friends become distant and dang near nonexistent, but I’ve had so many distant people, some strangers even reach out to me on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to see how I’m doing. And that means the world to me.

So to anyone without a support system going through infant loss, no matter how far along your journey is, PLEASE reach out to me. I’d love more than anything to be your support. Even on my toughest days I will strive to help you in your grief process. There is no wrong way to grieve and no time frame of how long you should. Don’t let others who judge the way you handle things interfere with your healing.

A lot of people don’t know how I do it. And most days I don’t know how I do it. But I truly believe Emma was given to us to serve a purpose. Emma’s purpose was to help with research and learning in the medical field. And that is what keeps me going everyday. Just thinking about how many people she is helping educate on AMC, PSS, Hydrocephalus, Clubfoot etc. It’s all from her purpose in life. And that genuinely helps get my feet on the ground and my ass out of bed every day!

Now don’t get me wrong I still have bad days too, where I don’t want to do anything but lay in bed and hold my Emma Bear and talk to her. Where I don’t want to be around people or a lot of noise . Where I’m perfectly content not talking to a single person, including my husband all day and just crying alone looking through our pictures of her. But the good so far have outweighed the bad.

Thank you so much for everything you all have done. Even if it’s as little as liking, sharing or commenting on something I’ve posted about Emma or our journey. Every little bit helps.

6 thoughts on “How Do You Do It”

  1. What a beautiful post! I love how real you are and transparent. You are inspiring and amazing. I have not experienced losing a baby, but I know of others and I will be sharing your blog with them. Thank you for what you are creating!


  2. A fantastic blog! I know what you mean about folk distancing themselves from you. So many people do not know how to talk to me about it. But I am fortunate to have a handful in my life that do & support me no end. Continue reading my blogs to find out more of my story. I loved reading your history of loss & wish you so much on your road to becoming stronger. 💕


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