The Wait is Almost Over

We’re down to 9 days y’all! LESS THAN 10 DAYS ❤ To say I’m excited is an understatement, but to same I’m not nervous or anxious would be a BIG fat lie. All the emotions are slowly coming back…

You see on March 10, 2018 (my birthday) we found out our sweet baby was an Emma not an Easton. We were both instantly in love! #TeamDoe had WON! And as time goes on, and my timeline keeps posting our big moments… I’m getting more and more anxious.

You see right around this time is when we found out Emma and I would need to see a MFM Specialist (Maternal Fetal Medicine). It was such a scary time in our lives, so many emotions and so much happening right before what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives.

As I think back now, I would take any of the symptoms I was having (nausea, acid reflux, insomnia, nesting) in tenfold just to have her back again. As we wait 9 more days to get our results, we are both happy and nervous to start trying for baby number two again…. If you could just keep us in your thoughts and prayers we would appreciate it!

Here is the video of us finding out our sweet Emma was a girl. Click Gender Reveal to view it!

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