17 Weeks and Counting

We had our first of 2 anatomy scans on Friday! Due to Emma having issues that were not found until 20 weeks, Dr. Fisher wanted to do 2 checks to make sure everything was going okay, one at 16ish weeks and one at 20ish weeks!

The tech (which is one of my favorites btw) was easily able to get the gender scan ❤ But no worries it’s safely kept away from me at (my little sistas) house. She said everything is looking great! Baby had no problem showing the potty shot but would NOT cooperate the test of the scan. She was able to get what she needed it just took a long time and multiple position changes and shaking of my belly to get the views she needed. Baby apparently LOVES to hug the placenta and be curled up. The anatomy scan took over an hour!

Baby is stubborn (shocker considering mom and dad are stubborn as hell). Baby waved a few times, but kept their hands over their face the entire time so we didn’t get a very clear shot of their profile. The shot we did get has a bunch of white dots which are baby’s fingers and hands lol.

I got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. While my numbers aren’t chart topping, they are higher than they like to see at only 17 weeks. So that means momma gets to track her meals, stick herself 4 times a day (OUCHHH!) And pray that her numbers stay diet controlled so that she doesn’t have to get on medication or insulin.

We get our 20 week scan on Aug 23rd which happens to be the same day as the reveal! We cannot wait to find out what our rainbow is going to be. And while we both want a boy (Ryan will not allow me to call this baby a girl lol) we are more concerned with having a healthy, thriving baby!

We still don’t have an exact due date, but Dr. Fisher said bank on week 37 which is about December 14th! Nothing like your first big holiday at 11 days old 🙂 We can’t wait to hold our baby and experience all the firsts. We are so happy baby is healthy and moving and the doctor is very pleased with baby’s movement and measurements. Our next post will be announcing the gender on Aug 23rd 🙂


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