25 weeks down 12 weeks to go!

So we had our 25 week appt today. And I officially have all my appointments until the beginning of December scheduled. Baby boy is quite the mover and while I am so happy he is the way he is, it gets rather uncomfortable and hard to sleep. He is measuring absolutely perfectly. And he is 100% healthy in every way.

Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be to have a healthy pregnancy. With Emma, there was always something we were learning. I feel like every appointment there will be something wrong they didn’t catch the last time. And there hasn’t been. This has been such a healthy pregnancy that after 28 weeks, we don’t get an ultrasound until 34 weeks. (How am I going to go 6 weeks without seeing him lol) but starting Nov 1st we start our biweekly appointments. Then after 34 weeks we start our twice a week appointments.

Our csection will be moved to a different date. It’s not set in stone, but it will at least be Dec 16th due to the doctors schedule. When it was scheduled the last time, they didn’t check to see if Dr. Fisher was on call and because he isn’t on the 13th, he wouldn’t have been my delivering doctor.

To some that doesn’t mean much but to me and Ryan it was a deal breaker. He was there through all of Emma’s appointments and delivery. He knows exactly what he did the las time and knows what needs to be done this time. And he had said he wanted to make sure that he is the one who delivers baby boy!

Our next appointment is Oct 18th, then we have our maternity pictures on Oct 19th, and our baby shower is Oct 20th! Busy weekend but it will be so fun and I can’t wait to see how our pictures turn out. Maternity pictures are something we didn’t do with Emma, mainly because we were planning our wedding then our series of unfortunate events after the wedding. So to have these, I’m so grateful for!

Here are some sweet pictures of our little man! And the pretty rainbow we saw on our way in to get dinner. Emma is always with us!

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