So your Placenta did ya dirty….

The day came that I was praying never would. I have to give myself insulin as well as take metformin for my Gestational Diabetes. If the 4x a day finger sticks weren’t bad enough I’m taking an oral medication AND an injectable insulin to help keep my blood sugars in check. While I have tried pushing this day off for the past 9 weeks, it’s time to just suck it up and accept it. πŸ’™

While this pregnancy has been healthy, (other than GD) it has taught me a whole other side of pregnancy from what I learned from Emma. I’ve learned that it’s okay to not have something go wrong in pregnancy, what it feels like to feel your baby move, even if it’s kicking the shit out of you at all hours of the day, and most importantly that healthy pregnancies do happen after a tragedy. πŸ’™

I’ve maintained my weight loss, as I am down 17 lbs from first finding out I was pregnant, and with having to take insulin and watch what I eat, I am sure I will lose more. This was already okayed by my MFM provider and I know a healthy amount to lose without harming myself or the baby. With my last 9ish weeks in play I have got to make sure I am doing everything right. πŸ’™

Pregnancy in itself should not be stressful. And this one really hasn’t been other than stressing about my glucose numbers. What I have learned is that this was out of my control. While I tried so hard to keep this diet controlled without the intervention of medication, that has not happened. In other words, my placenta did me dirty. And I could have another pregnancy and not have GD at all. I also learned that once the baby is born my Gestational Diabetes will go away. But I am at an increased risk of becoming a type 2 diabetic. Which is why it will be important for me to lose the weight after the baby and continue healthy eating. πŸ’™

All in all this has been a great pregnancy. I still have fear and anxiety every time I go to an appointment that they will find something wrong. Which is totally normal given my circumstance with Emma. But I also need to realize that this baby is leaps and bounds ahead of where Emma was at this point and is as healthy as can be. We just can’t wait to have our baby boy in our arms and to bring him home. πŸ’™πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘

If everyone could pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby with no NICU stay we would love it. We are delivering at 37w2d and while he should be developed, boys tend to have issues with breathing when born early. I’ll do my next update at my appointment on Friday October 18th! I’ll be 27w6d and that’s when we get to see his precious face again ❀

Here’s my light reading material and my newest skin poker

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