Twice a week testing

Today started my twice weekly appointments. I’m only 32w3d but since I deliver at 37w3d they wanted to start my twice weekly testing early.

My twice weekly testing includes NST (non stress test) and a BPP (biophysical profile) the NST is a boring test where you sit in a nice comfy chair with 2 monitors strapped to your belly while they monitor baby’s heart rate and movements. The BPP is the ultrasound where they have to score 8/8 on all the things they are checking for i.e. rolls/stretches, moving hands and feet, arms and legs, practice breathing, and heart rate. The whole BPP is 10/10 and you get 2 pts if they pass the NST.

Now I know this may come as a shock to some lol but this baby was literally rolling around SO MUCH during the NST that I had to readjust the monitors several times. His heart beat was strong the entire time and he was his usual active self kicking and moving like crazy.

The BPP ultrasound comes and I guess he had worn himself out from the NST because he decided he didn’t want to move much at all. I laid there for what felt like an eternity before we finally passed the BPP ultrasound.

We did not get a growth scan this time, but since our appts are twice a week, we will get actual measurements on Friday as well as my favorite: 3D ultrasounds. We did get an ultrasound picture today which showed once again he has a head FULL of hair, just like his big sister Emma.

Peep the white spots below the red arrow, that’s all hair that has been visible on ultrasound since 24ish weeks

I love getting to see his big cheeks 😘 they said my amniotic fluid is measuring perfectly and that he is doing great! Of course after the BPP ultrasound he was doing constant rolls and flips. But he’s been head down since 20 weeks (baby knows how to be ready!)

I may do another post here Friday with more news as we have a busy week, with meeting with the pediatrician, and another set of appointments. We will be back soon!

Oh P.S. not that anyone is counting… but we only have 35 days until we meet little man!

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